Is it possible to disable any product from Envato for anybody? Looks like this



In last year I decided to point my business on Envato market, but currently I have more and more doubts.

I will try to explain. Recently I got DMCA notice for one of my best item. it was not for whole item, just for part (one of child theme). But Envato team disabled item. I totally removed this part from theme and they enabled it again. Today, they disabled item again without any notice.

First of all, if I got any copyright notice, I think I must know what the reason of this. This was child theme without any images, any not unique code or parts, just several php files. Envato staff didn’t answer on any of questions. Why? Who sent DMCA notice? What part has copyright issue? Just NO EXPLANATION and JUST REJECTING theme. Also I still can’t understand why did they disable theme in second time, because I don’t have any notice about this.

One of the worst things that after soft rejecting, buyers can’t get theme and even CAN’T write any comment. Imagine that you bought something and it’s not available. Of course, I have several refund requests now and I don’t know what to answer buyers, because Envato staff totally ignore all questions. As I remember early, they answered me usually in 1-2 weeks. But this is not correctly, that my business stay turned off just because envato staff can’t answer more quickly. if they disabled any item, I think we, as authors, who spend many times to create and improve our items, must have a strong reason for this from Envato and urgent answers.

I checked forum and see that several authors recently have the same issues. Some of them were totally blocked because somebody stole their music from AJ, got Content Id and then write DMCA notice.

So, as I understand, everybody now can disable any of item or author and Envato doesn’t protect us from this. They even doesn’t have any explanation or answers if we have them.


Problem was resolved. Second rejection was mistake of envato staff. Hope this was the single and last time of such problem.


But I think that Envato must do something with logic of hidden items. I bought many items on Envato and many of them are not available now. I can’t understand why buyers of item which was deleted or hidden can’t comment, contact or download their purchase.