Critical: Products Disabled Without Warning or Explanation

We’ve been on Envato for the past eight years, achieving elite author status. However, recent actions by Envato towards their authors are deeply concerning. Our trending products were unexpectedly disabled, citing reasons such as outdated PHP versions or other issues. While we understand the importance of maintaining quality standards, we feel disheartened by the lack of communication. A simple warning or email prompting us to upgrade or address the issues would have sufficed. Instead, our products were swiftly removed from the marketplace, leaving us in a difficult position.

What’s even more frustrating is the prolonged process of resolving these issues. After addressing the highlighted concerns, we’re met with weeks of waiting for Envato’s feedback, only to be presented with additional issues each time. It’s incredibly inefficient and leaves us in a perpetual cycle of uncertainty. We urge Envato to streamline their review process, providing clear and concise feedback upfront or expediting their assessment timeframe.

The repercussions of these actions are severe for our business. Products with over 2,000 sales have been disabled, resulting in a complete loss of earnings. This jeopardizes our ability to meet our financial obligations, including paying our developers’ salaries. Such instability is detrimental to our business operations and undermines the trust we’ve placed in Envato.

We hope that Envato reconsiders their approach and works towards fostering a more transparent and supportive environment for their authors. We’re unsure if others are facing similar challenges, but it’s essential for these concerns to be addressed promptly for the benefit of all involved.

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Seems this is not the first time happening to you after checking your previous posts:

We’ve contacted support, and they’ve informed us that this is part of the standard procedure. I’ve attached their email for reference. However, my item has been disabled for a month now, and I’m uncertain when they will review it again or potentially raise another issue that we’re unaware of. This cycle has been ongoing for a month now, and it’s becoming increasingly frustrating.

Has it been asked to update the item for the new standards? When did you uploaded the item first time? Is it out-dated? What’s the name of the item?

Its not outdated and we keep on submitting updates time to time and Its 4 year old product. There are two products that has been disabled