I Really miss old Envato Management Team ! Newbie Reviewers dont have any Knowledge

Hi All

Recently Envato has had a really big issue with their review team they can simply disable an item with 3K or 1k of sales to make you add 1 line of text in your description so what do you think about it?

2 items disabled with 4K buyers panicking for 1 week now


What do you think about an elite author which is for 6 years selling in their market with 750K to see his item disabled like some trash in the market forcing you to change 1 line in your description?

It was always simple before! they send you an email you change the text and that’s all now it’s not like this now you get your item with 3K disabled and your clients are panicking and asking for refunds and you wait for 8 days for some basic newbie reviewer to check your item.

I every day get more stress from this market system which they follow I know now why some authors left to sell alone and work alone far from envato.

This is tottaly no respect when envato disables an item for 8 days and it’s pending for review and they ask you to add 1 simple text >> “please mention your app is xamarin android in your description!”

And after that, they disable the second item for a few days now for some reason “add a text”

I am in worry about the future of this market the company has a downturn since 2021 the market became short of some not controlled employees who can do whatever they want and close or disable items without knowing what effect they will be doing or having on the clients and the author.

It proceeds from worth to worth each time.



I am in total agreement with the points you mentioned, same thing happen to my easyplex project, 2 disable in the same month which become, annoying, if envato team really care about that much of respect of their rules they must first place protect our projects from stealing, without impose and insist to apply those rules, but in fact we have the totally the opposite , which bring to mind to leave the marketplace and sell on my own store with our rules.

Couldn’t agree more. These newbie reviewers are doing whatever they want.

You are true! look till now my dating android app is for 11 days pending review! nobody realy cares at all :roll_eyes:

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