Suggestion! developer Author BAN

I would recommend that all developers authors who are selling on codecanyon

  1. Can’t hide comments
  2. Cannot change price more than once every 3 months (Price Guarantee)
  3. And the authors developers who have more negative points/ reputation can get BANNED

  1. It’s so unfair that the author can’t stand criticism for his source code or for poor support

  2. I have experienced that many times during the day an author changes the price and it is so bad and unfair. It’s almost that I always have to bargain for the price

  3. Get some point system so we can vote author in some other way

Just for clarity (and speaking as a buyer not an author)…

  1. Only envato can remove these permanently. An author can flag them but if they are legit then more often than not envato will release them

  2. I actually agree with limiting the number of times authors can change this although I’d say once a month is ok

  3. This one I don’t think would work. There are simply too many factors involved to make this a fair system. Not aimed at any one person, and of course there are experts buying items here, but there are also a number of users who will not necessarily be technically capable, clear on the envato’s policies, or otherwise to make a fair judgment, and this system could easily be exploited unfairly.

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