This makes the entire community look awful

As a customer who comes here to purchase professional services and quality products I’m shocked that Envato would allow such listings. It makes the entire Envato market look like it lacks the control to run a professional operation. Why are these authors allowed to continue selling here? What a joke.

And look at the comments. ‘I want to be a millionaire’ is the response when serious inquiries are made into the price and product. It’s insulting to the paying customers of this community.

Here are the links to these disrespectful authors: [Removed: Calling out other items or authors]

Really? You remove the link to authors who are charging $9,999,999.00 for a product and disrespecting customers like myself, but you haven’t removed the listings since they’ve been posted. Perhaps this is not the market I thought it was and I should spend my money elsewhere.

We only removed the details as it’s in breach of the forum TOS .

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It’s okay, we all know what you’re talking about, and anyone who doesn’t can simply browse All Items on CodeCanyon and sort price from highest to lowest.

I don’t think you should be getting so overworked by these two items.

There could be a legit reason for this. For example, if I wanted to stop selling licenses to one of my items, but continue to provide updates to existing customers, we don’t have any way to do that. So the realistic way now would be setting the price to $9,999,999.

In fact, one of the authors said that they were using it to temporarily stop selling licenses. The other just looks like a troll.

I suggest you look for alternative items in the meantime. Envato does not review price changes.