Yikes! Your Elements payment didn’t go through

We weren’t able to process your payment of $xxx.
Are you sure you’ve entered all the details correctly?
You can update your details here.

I have updated my details (many times), and confirmed, and had an email to say that they’re set. I’m not Russian or in Russia. I can’t get any help from Envato or Paypal as why the payment is not going through. I’m getting paid successfully by other agencies to PayPal. I have been paid by Envato to PayPal before but not since October. I have 2FA set up in PayPal. Is there anything else to check?

Sorry to hear that @antony-robinson !! I’m assuming you earned more than the minimum $50 required to get a payment? @BenLeong @KingDog any suggestions??

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Yes, over $50.

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If you’ve been in touch with the Support Team that’s where you’ll be able to get the details. They can deep dive into account issues a lot more :grin: