Yay finally. Muse template [soft rejected] please need some opinions to improve my template.


Hello envato authors and hi all.

Today my recent Muse template was soft rejected by envato reviewers and i was tried for long time to be a author here, now i am on right path i guess. so I need some opinions to improve my template. :smiley:
They have also provided some comments to improve template before i resubmit it.

Comments are:

1) Many of the elements in the template are not aesthetically spaced.

2) The template's overall typography isn't yet ready. It needs improvements in the styles it offers and general visual hierarchy.

Can you help me to improve my template before i resubmit it and i really appreciate it. :smile:
Thank you so much and have a good day.


I would say that it has been soft rejected because some of the text is hard to read, and too small, (or maybe the color needs to be ajusted only)?

Also having the map unscrollable is annoying, but unless Envato specifically mentioned that you might be alright with that?



I will agree with tmcom, Unable to read some text maybe make it slightly bigger or bolder & “Welcome you all” maybe needs editing. it’s the first thing you see on the page and isn’t a sentence with great structure - “We welcome you all” would be an improved chemistry for this sentence.

Also in my opinion the navigation bar is too blocked & predictable, improve the spacing in the typography and I feel this will increase your chances of acceptance. Thank you I hope this helped :+1:


Thank you so much tmcom and ABMDesign.
This was very helpful for me :smile:
I’m now working on typography. Yes map should be smaller and annoying sometimes when it’s scrolling and thanks you so much for that. :smile:
“Welcome you all” is may be not suitable i’ll change it to “We welcome you all” and thanks you so much for that. :smile:
Thanks again tmcom and ABMDesign for the help and really appreciate it.



Welcome! :sunglasses:


hi buddy, i think that yes u have a few little things to fix as this is true that the font color is not appropriate for the blue part of it, maybe the thing would be better also if u changed the font on the concerned blue texts too, apart from this i think that this is a good template and i hope that when u fix just that u’ll get accepted :wink:


Thank you so much n2n44. This was very helpful for me to improve my template. :smile:
Yes my template has few problems with the font. Sure I’ll change that blue text and all other font problems too. I am working on it now.
Thanks again n2n44 for the help to improve my template. :smile:


u are welcome :wink: