item got rejected Help!

Guys, I am new to Envato I have submitted this template as my first muse design but it had been rejected and I don’t know why ?
Please help me to find out what is wrong and how can I resubmit and get accepted!!

Website : -

Hi need to focus more in the font, padding, animation and color, try to see the level of work online.
Good luck

Hello @shazeen,

First of all, your website template looks very simple and has a few design issues.
I am going to outline some of the issues underneath this sentence.

  • The typography you use is far too simple and unattractive. Consider using attractive fonts such as Roboto, Lucida, Lato and so on. Make sure you also know how to properly use font-weight (design-wise). More on that can be found here.
  • The contents of sections and sections themselves are either too spacey or too close to each other.
  • Some elements (mostly content-wise) are either missing or misplaced (e.g. headings).
  • The footer is far too simple.
  • The page must be more dynamic. Add jQuery and CSS animations to buttons, sections, content etc.

I hope I have provided you with helpful feedback.

Have a good day.

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