Pro feedback on new design

Hey guys,

I am new here and i need your help. I am designing a new muse template and i what your professional feedback on the design. Please take a look at it and tell me what you think so i can decide on what to do.
So therefore, my question is simply if you think this template might have a chance of getting approved.


Thanks! :confused:

I find the transition from portfolio to blog a bit confusing. Maybe smaller icons on the footer? Those are huge in my opinion. Overall everything looks fine :wink:

thanks… i appreciate your feedback @blerc

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Typogrphy is awful esp the paragraphs, no way it will be approved with this typo
poor footer
Contact form is too far from its headline when I’m going up
Quotes need improvment, maybe a nice background image, and those two quote icons look stupied

ps: i’m not a pro but if I didn’t like it how you expect reviewer to accept it !!

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thanks… i appreciate your feedback @mamak24

Yes, transitions are sloppy, especially the ipad, etc ones!

Your face in the circle still has the edges of the photo on the sides of the circle.

And one of the images of the apple products has something cut off at the base?

I am not a Flash Presentation thingy, expert, but am pretty good with graphics, and agree that it won’t be accepted!

Best to take our advise on board, clean it up, before submitting!

Good luck!


thanks… i appreciate your feedback @tmcom

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i think that u have a problem with the choice of fonts and also a problem as regard to spacing in the block of texts

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