Design Feedback Before Submit


I’ve created a personal portfolio template and I’m planning to submit it as a site template. But before I submit it for the review I’d like to get some feedback on the design from the community.

Check the design here:

Updated Link:

Please give your honest feedback. Suggestions for improvement are welcome :slight_smile:

Thank You.

I would honestly change the typography. The ‘I am Jane Doe’ is fine, but I just don’t dig the rest.
Buttons design is outdated.
The contact form’s “send” button shouldn’t be centered? It just kinda bothers me when it’s on the side :smiley:
That’s it from me. I hope someone else can say more. Also why the site isn’t ‘clickable’? :smiley:

It isn’t clickable because its just a JPEG image yet, I haven’t converted it to HTML.

Thanks for the feedback and suggestions :slight_smile:

Oh, haha :smiley: I had some thought that it’s on purpose, but wanted to make sure :smiley:
Keep working and you’ll be just fine with submitting to the market :slight_smile:

@ALdesigns, thank you.

I have made minor changes and fixes to the design. Here is the updated link:

Let me know if anything further needs to be added.
Again thanks for help :slight_smile:

Maybe minor changes but you added some freshness to the design, looks much better.
I hope someone else will write in this topic to add other ideas and their point of view.
Other than that, browse through the market and get inspiration :slight_smile: I learn new stuff everyday to improve myself and thanks to that (or luck) I had no rejections for 3 or so years. You can do that, too :wink:

With all due respect I think that there are too many small issues and design flaws, coupled with a lack of premium originality or unique features.

The second version is way better than the first but there’s still problems with typography, hierarchy, spacing etc. When a design has not s lot to it then it needs to be absolutely flawless.

The bigger problem is that as with the above - if there’s not much to a design then what there is needs to be stand out and unique. There’s tons on resume type files already for sale and the trend is for them to be becoming very creative and adding some quite advanced features.


I’ve started converted the design into HTML/CSS. Here is the link:

I’m going to create a few variations of the homepage. Meanwhile, can I get some feedback on the HTML please? Please also let me know about the code quality.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Mobile Responsivity issues

With all my due respect, i don’t think it will be approved ,because personal category needs more uniqueness …

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@H-theme yes, this themes is not responsive error,

@accretellp your themes need make a responsive mobile and ipad please thanks.

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Thanks for your inputs guys. I really appreciate that :slight_smile:

By now, I have resolved most responsive issues and added more demos to my template.

Here is the updated link:

I’m planning to submit this to the market, so can I please have a final feedback on this?

Thanks a lot.