Feedback before submitting?

Hey guys,

I’ve always been a fan of the forums. Not so much of the new ones, but I should get used to it.
To stop the review queue from getting longer, I hope that you can give me feedback before I submit.

So therefore, my question is simply if you think this template might have a chance of getting approved.
I will still be working on the header a bit, I completely acknowledge that it’s taken from Codrops, for any of you people who will point it out anyway :wink:

Link to my template: Click me

Does anyone have feedback?

I think there’s lack of contrast in your theme :confused: Especially at the bottom where it looks a bit boring with those limited set of colors. You need to get rid of yellow at the heading and work with form colors. Try to figure out primary, secondary colors etc.
Also, I noticed that when I click on textarea in gets resized to the smaller width. When I hover on images in portfolio section the text gets blurred. On different viewports text goes beyond the edges, so some responsive techniques needs to be improved.
Final words. Sorry to say that, but I think what you have now will get hard rejection and your product needs huge design improvements. I wish you luck and perseverance to make it right! :smiley:

Looks to simple