Please! Review My Design Before Development

Hello Talented peoples I need to review my design before development please give me feedback

poor quality - sory
don’t upload

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I just checked your template. I think the main problem with it is the typography,

  • Improve the line-height of paragraphs;
  • Remove letter-spacing of all texts. This makes the template ugly;
  • Pay attention to color combination. Don’t make it mozaic
  • The logo is truly bad :frowning:
  • Portfolio buttons color are badly chosen;
  • There are borders all over the place, all of them are too agresive; make them lighter, add some sort of opacity;

Now I’ve seen something tragic :frowning: Any portfolio item is not aligned. Have you designed it in Photoshop?

My recommendation is to start a new template from scratch. If this will be a PSD then I tell you that 100% will be rejected.

You can check some approved templates and accommodate with the level of quality. Then start learning basic design skills from then check your template to see what was wrong with it.

All the best

Can you please check this one please

Your updated design has a good start. The tabs are ok for this kind of templates (Resume/CV); But once again you have spacing issues and also, one main problem is the color combination. That yellow and the red does not mix very well.

Check this screenshot. I added a lot of things you need to improve

There. Thanks so if i correct this issues so this should approve ?

I think if you improve the color palette you can get a soft rejection. You can post here the link for a presubmission feedback after improving the item :slight_smile:

Thanks, Please Review again with new changes . please review again

You forgot the portfolio hover. Make social icons width the same. Bottom spacing is wrong.

My extra suggestion. The template looks even good if you let a 40px top-bottom. Right now its top-bottom fixed.

Please Review My Template approved ? Now its w3c Valid Code also can i send pexels photos in src file

Please Review My Template approved ? Now its w3c Valid Code also can i send pexels photos in src file

Good idea.

In my opinion you should make changes to color scheme.

And start fixing things like this: