My Item Hard Reject Please Help please help me i also include images in with src

please help me


Its too far from Themeforest quality standard.

Not proper content visibility
Used fonts are not suitable

Please improve it in every steps.

Hi there,

As I see you didn’t solved some spacing issues from my last feedback :frowning:

  1. Make icons smaller. That border is too aggressive. Add top bottom space (15px);

  2. Kindly search a new color palette. This is boring and does not fit with actual trends :slight_smile:

  3. Add some more attractive photos on portfolio:

  4. I just found a major issue here: When you click on Open button there is some kind of flickering. Then the image position is changed in a bad way making it buggy. Check this gif animation:

  5. This sidebar is really ugly

  6. For a onepage template it needs to be perfectly from any point of view.


1 Like Please look at this one and give your valuable feedback thanks

On responsive the issue from point #4 from my last review is still visible. There is no smooth transition in there.

  • One other thing. How can I go back to main view after clicking the Open button…I can’t see there any button to go back…
  • Try to add some premium image/graphics all over the template…The main background is so unprofessional… Don’t know if the guy is you but you can improve that view :slight_smile:
  • Favicon is missing
  • Portfolio social media icons issue…make them equal in width…
  • I already gave you my advice to add a 30px spacing on top-bottom of the page…

####You need to start learning to be careful to details…if you want to get accepted…For example, on your template there are a lot of button(this is not a problem), but the problem is that very button has its own style…Without fixing these issues you will not get accepted…

  • All border-radius are different :frowning:
  • Every button/input has its own style, which is wrong
  • Every button/input has its own spacing, which is also wrong

“Theme SLR” Please review again Your help is awesome .