Why Hard rejection, Please help

Hi, please help me to spot the issues with my work:


this boxshadow not looks good http://prntscr.com/lc4idn
basic level design, spacing and alignment = http://prntscr.com/lc4ilt, http://prntscr.com/lc4iun, http://prntscr.com/lc4j1j,

Your design totally basic/starting level need to make unique & aesthetic design for themeforest.

Your item rejected main issue is quality standard.


Sorry to say but all design looks bad. Stop trying to fix this one make new one

good luck


Thanks for your feedback, very helpful. I’ll consider your remarks in future designs

I want to spot the weaknesses in my design, with the help of professional authors; To improve the weaknesses points in my future designs.

Hey @AladinStudio ,
You should check out design trends and quality work on market place and make some thing unique and extra ordinary. This is not the near to the designs on market.
You should improve your Typography, spacing alignment, color scheme and use good quality images.
Sorry but this is not there we can give you suggestions to improve this design.

Hope you understand.

Hey, I already know it doesn’t fit the market place quality standard,
@unlockdesign spotted one issue about alignment, and gave me suggestion about improving the “call to action” button box shadow, and gave me the same recommendation too make a unique design.
Anyway, thanks for your time,

alignment: keep every section top and bottom spacing are same.
Design issue: Research/Study about design on themeforest

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