I will be grateful if you tell me why my item is hard rejected

Hello every one
I get this message about my item

it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again.
please, can anyone help me and tell me why??:cry:

I worked on it for 2 months and analyze more 10 themes on ThemeForest just to be accepted
Is it so bad what wrong with it ?!!


Just don’t get me wrong, your design is very old. You need to make a different new stylish design. I am not talking here about programming side.

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oh thank you for the reply
I think that because the images that I used
but I notice the existing theme is the same sections except the color and image
Is there another note please?

grateful if you can you help
I read your comment on another person and I like it because your feedback is specific and useful

With respect the design is outdated and the one page category is beyond over saturated. Anything new in this space needs to be super unique and fresh.

Beyond that:

  • Gallery is very squashed together and a few images stretched

  • There’s inconsistency in typography throughout esp the hierarchy and work needs on the slider, testimonials etc.

  • I’ve never understood why people have portfolios or esp blogs without including post pages. This just feels lazy and unfinished



  • please, do humanity a favour and remove that awful “smooth” scrolling script
  • lots of typos like “projucts”, “tastimonial” and “Bisness”
  • weak typography and colors
  • very generic concept in overall, you are few years late with this one
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My antivirus detects the trojan on your website. It’s very wrong.

Scrollbar behaves unstable (Chrome).

Good work, but there are some issues.

  1. You should check elements aligning

  2. There are different font sizes in the form.

  3. Too much text. Low contrast between heading and text in the cards.

  4. The photo border is unnecessary - it’s not trendy and bad aligned.

  5. There are different text sizes in the footer.

  6. There are different font sizes, too big line-height in the description text. The form is not similar to other forms on your template.

  7. You should align all elements by container. Now the text left margin is smaller than logo left margin.

Best regards, Aspirity.


your feedback helped me so much
thank you
I wish the best to you