Theme hard rejection

Theme again rejected reason is not quality standard can any one tell me what type quality you want or give the reason so that i can improve that area. Below is my product link

well, really I don’t know there’s anything miss with your item, it cover modern & professional style, maybe you only in trouble with idea, well, as known, it’s not too difficult to find out others (nearly) similarly with yours on market and afterwards item approved to upload nearly must reveal its unique, earth not bigger, only amount members increasing by the time, good luck! :grinning:

I also don’t know why this happened to me

Hi there:

Your design is good but maybe already have item on themeforest for so hard rejected.


Can you tell me the name of the item?

I will change my design but i don’t think so item will be there

I am not sure but you can search for themeforest.

We can not make unique design every time some portion may be same what could i do to get improve this theme help me because it’s took 1year