Why every time my product has been rejected because of quality standard?

Hello dear themeforest quality review team,

I am not glad to your review,

I am begining in themeforest author.

I uploaded page design two times with different design and ideas, but both times it rejected with reason quality issue.

So i want to know that what quality do you want ? Please tell me so i can apply that and is there any library for create product then tell me I will use that.

And please tell me 4 or 5 perfect design(s) according to you.

I will review that before create my product.

Waiting for your response.

Thanks and Regards,
Jaguar themes

You can look on themeforest to get an idea of what sells but to be honest comparing with other items esp in a category with limited content is probably not wise as it will be very easy to become “too inspired” by other files.

With all due respect there is an expected level of knowledge and understanding around design, code or creative trends and best practice when becoming an author here.

Your item has a lot of problems with design basics including typography, spacing, hierarchy etc. But is also not responsive and needs modernising/more features to meet the premium standard.

It’s become a tough category now as the bar is much higher with authors needing to be more and more creative with flawless and original design.


As @charlie4282 says - Check other author’s Themeforest item first - How its quality. You are too far from that but don’t loose hope.

Every first timer author got his item Hard rejection.

Improve your Design typography, visual hierarchy, responsiveness, code structure, logos, color combination, spacing and alignment.

Your design concept is nice but required above changes on that.

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Thank You.

I know every first time author got hard reject but it’s second time i am facing hard reject. and thank you.


Envato reject my item also every time. after all instruction follow, but not given me single suggestion that what is problem in my products.

There is no any rule and validator that how review team testing this…

on above product no of errors and mistake then also envato approved this… this is single example. i have no of product demo from codecanyon that mistakes and error on products. but review team approved this…

But on my product he not given me single reason for rejection but every time rejected…

This is ridiculous system… or may be fixed system…


Check above my product demo… and tell me what is problem in that… i upload 3 to 4 times after improved but every time reject and not given me single reason…

If you got the rejection every time then please forgot about this marketplace. They have strict reviewers who some time makes partiality over the items & authors too. I request to sell it on your own way. Makes your target audience with freebies version of your product & remarket through email. In that way you make more money then codecanyon. This market is not now stable condition. You have tons of options to market your product through your own way.