why my item getting rejected again and again ? Please Help !!

I am following ThemeForest standards yet my item is rejected by ThemeForest again and again. Could you please give me any suggestions and tips for approval?

Hi @teamopine,

To get feedback from fellow authors you can share the demo URL.



Please check this.

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Hello @teamopine

You need more improve your design because to difficult to read the text, typography, hierachy, I think that you need improve the colors, spacing, margin and padding (you need all same to measure in sections), you need good quality designs themeforest will to be approved.

You can see other example approved in themeforest for give ideas, good luck.


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you are welcome :+1:

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With respect this is nowhere near the standards for here.

  • There’s nothing premium that couldn’t be found in a free template online

  • Design basics (hierarchy, typography, layouts) all need work

  • If it’s a “shop” then there should be “shopping” features and functionality

  • Very basic sections - no original layouts or functionality (change the images/text and this could be any category) and missing basics like contact pages which feels incomplete and unfinished

  • You can’t have a “blog” with no posts

  • The whole site could be improved in terms of mobile optimisation

  • The banner at the top is not responsive

  • There are numerous avoidable validation errors

You need to be very careful about submitting this multiple times as being repetitively hard rejected and submitting items far below the standard will get your account blocked