My item got rejected. I need your help and feedback

Please help me to understand what is the issue with my template.
It is rejected for quality standard.


Please, suggest or help me to fix the quality issues?

Thanks in Advance

With respect you are miles off the necessary standard with this.

  1. a html file is a TEMPLATE not a THEME

  2. why are you loading multiple stylesheets for individual elements on the page?

  3. the one pager concept is vastly overdone and anything new requires substantial originality and features

  4. the design here is very outdated and freebie-esque

  5. there’s no fluidity to the site i.e. it’s just a bunch of elements e.g. accordion, counter, gallery just piled on top of each other using generic copy and assets

  6. generally, the design fundamentals of typography, spacing, hierarchy and construction all need rethinking

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@charlie4282 My item hard rejected as well, can you please help me to find out the reasons?