My HTML Retail Category Item Hard Rejected. Need help.


I am Elite Author. I have uploaded my new item in HTML>Retail category on Friday and same day I have received Hard Rejection email and reviewer mentioned that it’s not meet quality standards.

Here is my item link.

Can someone please check my item and give me some suggestion for improvements. We spent almost 4 months for preparing our item and we don’t feel that there are any quality issues in item source code, presentation and item description.

Here is html item description link:

Please reply on this topic, your suggestion will help us to improve our mistakes in next submission.



At first my request please don’t copy paste same post in multiple topics as you have posted your own topics.

With respect just my personal opinion may be your html template din’t meet the design standard as like design is not much clean, spacing issues in section to section you din’t maintained same space and also spacing issues in design elements, din’t maintained LINE LENGTH: an ideal measure is between 45 and 75 characters in length, animation effect is not smooth, typographic issues, you can provide unique aesthetics design with best UI.



Thanks for your quick reply. Please take a look once on our demo. There are no any spacing issues, animation is smooth, no typo issues and design is cleaned as well.

I did not understand why item rejected within few hours after upload. We posted this topic here for getting opinion on our item from different authors, so we can able to correct our mistakes and clean this item and also our other items that was under development. Our development team spent 04 months on it. So, we are worried and in nail biting situation and we need urgent help.

Reviewer did not post any proper response and it seems item got auto reject by some bot application of envato. Can we contact support regarding that matter? Please help.



I already checked demo then replied to you. As I mentioned just my personal opinion which I found in your themplate. Again my personal opinion may the premium design lack is the main reason of rejection. Just to point out my first reply:

About hard rejected Item you will not get any guideline or details from the envato team. But if you would like you can contact Auhtor support.


With respect I agree with @mgscoder - it’s not a bad start but it doesn’t feel altogether premium.

  • There are some nice touches but these are masked by more outdated and un-styled sections

  • The about pages and contact pages could definitely be improved

  • It feels a bit like kit or set of elements and options e.g. the multitude of headers, footers, banners etc. all pulled together rather than a structured site

  • There is room for improvement with typography site wise esp. hierarchy and styling

  • Having a demo in anything but English is not going to help as it will be disregarded and may be part-cause for rejection

  • The category images really don’t work esp. as they get lost with the rest of the page with the un-styled titles

The 3 main areas that need attention are:

  1. Modernising the design
  2. Focus on the constriction of the site over the volume of pages/options/elements
  3. Improving the typography generally but in particular hierarchy

Thanks @charlie4282 and @mgscoder for your valuable feedback. We shall pay attention on mentioned points for our new html template. Thanks & Regards, Themes-Coder Team.