Hard rejected please help me for improve item quality

My item was hard rejected from themeforest. My item link is given below


Can any one help me or suggestion for rejection. it would help me for next submission


With respect it is far too basic and the concept has been done a million times before.

Thanks Charlie for your time

Can you please help me more. ? code and typography

I am new in Theme forest. I have gone through all documentations.

If you found any issue within my code please let me know. it will help me for further item

Thank you so much

It could easily be found for free online.

You need to consider design and functionality that is premium and warrants someone paying for it rather than downloading something similar.

Even then this is such a crowded category that it is becoming very very very hard to be approved

Rhe problom is the concept and design… it is too basic.

Look into the latest approved projects in your category for inspiration, this is a task that you must figure out on your own!

Thanks Charlie

Can you suggest any category where can I will try to upload. I know its silly question.


Thanks For your time behind my theme.

Can you please suggest me category so i can try in that category.

Thanks sir in advance

There is not just one thing to modify and make it work the entire project has issues, typography, spaces, design, and even concept it was done many times before… There is nothing premium or unique about your project.

On Themeforest only quality and premium work is approved this days.

You need to look into this yourself, just look at the approved items in your category and compare them to yours, If you don’t see quality differences between your work and the approved work then you don’t have enough experience for this and you have to learn more.

I always advise getting a good UI designer to open your eyes to what is wrong with the design, Once this is done and is ok you can look in more depth into the code.