Just submitted my first item, meanwhile I want the community here to review it.

Hello, I’ve just submitted my first personal portfolio template based on bootstrap. As I’ve read the waiting time is about a week, but meanwhile I want the experienced users here to review my template. Please give me your honest reviews so that if this gets rejected, I could improve the work in my next item.

Demo: http://edigitalmarketing.in/demos/imbiz


Typography is not good, you should improve it for sure


Some suggestions on each sections:

About Me:

The paragraph has 10px margin at left side, the name, paragraph and buttons should be parallelled. Also, give some space between image and the right side.


Typography should be improved in this section. Write something real instead of ‘Lorem ipsum’ and make them at least 3 lines.

Give some padding in each service and allow equal amount of space among icon, title and description.


Portfolio items does not have any action! (Actually here you need to add image pop-over, image gallery or a link of single portfolio page) again its a portfolio template??? Big issue!!!

Do not say First Project, Second Project, give them a Real project Name.


Give some space after title “What my clients say about me!”


Change social name into icons , fb, twitter, google+ . etc.


Thats all mate! Good luck with future creation!

Thank you very much for the review. I’ll improve it.

Thank you very much for the very helpful insight. I’ll make the changes.

Hi, can you help me with fixing the template after soft rejection? The reviewer said there’s readability and spacing issue. More information here https://forums.envato.com/t/help-me-figure-out-readability-and-spacing-and-alignment-issue-with-my-template/92523e.

I hope you can help me here.