i need feedbacks for my psd template

hi themeforest, i’ve just finished a personal portfolio template , and berore i submite it , i hesitate , i thought that it’s better to ask for feedbacks from experts before submission ,
this is my design

Hi there,

The idea/concept of your PSD is good. I enjoy it.

  1. I would improve the spacing on portfolio items. The space below each portfolio item is smaller than the space from right/left. Make it equal.

  2. Pay attention to consistency of border-radius. Your progress bars have border-radius. Filters are the same l. But there are buttons without border-radius. I would make all these elements corners the same.


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thank u @ThemeSLR , i fixed the spacing probleme i make it 0 for all the content of the page . i didn’t pay attention to the border radius i’ll fix it . thank you one again for your feedback tt was really helpful .


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Unfortunately I think it is not yet ready to be uploaded. It still requires major improvements particularly in the following points:
1: The visual hierarchy.
2: The typography
3: Spaces

There are sections where there is a lot of separation and sections with inconsistent separation.

Try to make improvements before shipping.

Good luck.

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Hi @Th3s first i’d like to thank you for your feedback :slight_smile: .
i fixed the spacing (in letters and in sections as well)
but what i don’t understand is what’s the matter with typography ? and with the The visual hierarchy.? can you please be more specific.

PS: this is an update: