Please Review My New Template Before Submission

Hello Everyone,

I need your feedback before submission here is demo url please review and let me know thanks in advance

with respect it’s not ready

  • code doesn’t validate

  • shadows on titles don’t really work

  • the gallery. Do you definitely have permission to use that style/script? Co-drops items have different commercial licensing.

  • The execution is not great e.g. details, icons etc. are very cramped and need spacing/padding

  • The portfolio items do no load details on mobile

  • generally there’s not much to the design and for a sock marketplace I feel like you will need more features, flexibility etc.

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Thanks, This is minimal personal website template so can you give me more ideas that how i improve the design please

I’m no design expert esp in that style but definitely look at the titles and those shadows, maybe have more valuable info on the title slide like cotact info rather than “I like”.

Clients slide (don’t use copyrighted logos)

Add portfolio item info on mobile.

Thanks for your help . Can you little explain “The execution is not great e.g. details, icons etc. are very cramped and need spacing/padding” about this please i am new.

For Features I provide 9 different page animations in one click which develop after your review .
I provide 10 different background textures .

There is a difference between options and features - different animations etc are really one feature variation, adding pages or functionality is an added element all together.

The icons for more info etc in portfolio items are not spaced or padded properly from the edge of the container (pressed right up at the bottom) and need to breath more. I’m pretty sure (but could be wrong) this is how it would be in the codrops demo

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Yes i use codrops caption plugin which is under public licence can you please send me portfolio item padding image of corrections .Sir please send me image of changes which you think ?

anyone help me