Suggestions Needed.


Hey Guys,

Recently I’ve submitted a template and which got rejected, so now I need your all help, feedback and tips too, so that I could improvise myself by taking suggestions from you all.

Here is the link

Thanks in advance for feedback and tips.



To be honest, there are a ton of issues. The design isn’t really following basic good design principles :disappointed:


Hi mckinstry26, thanks for checking my work and suggesting me with issues. I will go through once again good design principle. Thanks again.


Will all due respect the whole thing needs changing and it’s not worth trying to fix.

the very basics of margins, padding, typography, hierarchy, spacing etc. etc are all way off.

It doe snot fit in larger screens (pushed over to the left, is cropped in smaller ones and is in no way responsive

The scroll does not work

Image titles re cropped and in/out of the framed area

There is no footer

the site cannot be validated

Again, with respect compare this to one of the popular files for sale here and you will see the difference


Hi charlie4282 Thanks for your suggestion, in short I should do a bit more work and then come-up with a validate kind of template right. Thanks again.


Hi frntdev!

You need couple more years of learning before you’ll be able to submit anything here. If you are interested in being a designer, start doing lots and lots and lots of design work for yourself, just to learn. Then you can come up with a PSD for starters if you want.

Good luck!


Hi Darinka thanks for your suggestion and yeah I’m interested to become a designer and will keep your points in mind and I will start working on PSD. Thanks again.


Hi! You sure can, but you are not ready for creating PSD designs for sale just yet. Only after years of practice and learning. Good luck to you!


I just have one advise for you read this book The design of everything by Donald A. Norman


Hi Darinka and yes agree that after years of practice I would be able to create awesome designs, thanks again.


Hi Znashty and thank you so much for suggesting me a book. Surely I will read this. Thanks again.