Feedback - Whats your thoughts?

Hey Folks,

I’ve been working on an HTML template for quite some time. Now the template has almost finished but I need some fresh eyes to get some feedback on this design. What could be improved functionality, typography, spacing, presentation etc.

I’ve designed 10 pages (including 4 layouts for single project). Plz take a look at it and let me know of any suggestion.

Template URL:

I am professional PSD designer i personally advice your web site have some issue and open in my browser. I am providing web design service also make it responsive design website.

I’m sorry, but I’m not able to understand. Plz can you elaborate what kind of issue you are facing?

Looks promising :smiley:
You should use different images for slider, and I don’t like content font

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Thanks for your feedback :smile:

About content font, I think I might try ‘Lato’ instead of ‘Open Sans’ here, as body font as it looks more sharp.

About slider image, is it the image itself or the red color which you think needs to be changed?

love those minimal touch

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Layout is cool but typography does not match. cant say what, but need tweaking around.

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I actually love it. Try to submit it :slight_smile: . - personally I don’t like the hover effect. And you need to actually demo the content - don’t put placeholder text like “Heading 1” etc.

Also the images you’ve used - while they are nice - look pixalated on my 23 inch monitor.

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Thanks for your input. I’m actually experimenting with typography now. Hope it would come out better.

Thanks for your suggestions and I’m glad you like it. About some of the images, you are right, they are of low resolution. I’ve plan to replace them with high res images.