Need feedback before submitting

Hi guys,

I would like to get your professional feedback on this PSD template before submitting it. Any comments are appreciated.


Your website is good but I think that problem typography small (not sure because I need see other author says) and also need padding a little more space menus top, regards.

It is a good design, if you present now might be soft rejection.
Improvement in these points:

1: Typesetting seems small and that makes when reading.

2: You’ve been very generous with spaces and that’s fine, but could play against, I would like you to review the menu navigation need some space there. But there are also places with plenty of space

3: Contrast. The texts seem very Thin, greater contrast could improve that, but you can always play around with the weights of text fonts and sizes.

Good luck

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Yes, I know it :slight_smile: