HTML Template - Need Feedback

Hi all…
I am about to send out my newest crazy concept for review tomorrow and wanted to go ahead and get feedback on the concept. I have tried a new menu system (at least new for me :slight_smile: ) in an attempt to keep the screen clear of any unnecessary clutter… It’s an experiment at best :slight_smile: So please take a look and tell me what you think. I know that there are a lot of neat projects going on and some excellent work being done… So hopefully this is unique enough…




I spend 15 seconds on page.

  • It’s not responsive. For example it’s impossible to exit from top menu
  • usability
  • typography, icons
  • shadows from 2004-2006

Minimal design need some details.


Thanks for the look… I am finishing off the responsiveness now and it will be worked out by tomorrow… As far as the shadow that is for depth…Usability… not sure what you mean…but nonetheless picking up the finite details before submitting… Thanks for the input though…

About details - it’s impossible to say what You should do

Ubability - I go to some portfolio image , page looks almost that same but have different photos - next/preview buttons on right are hard to see


Thanks for the information and clarification…