feedback my first design html, I will submit themeforest HTML..



Hi to all:

I need feedback my finish design all are working responsive, etc, if I need submit themeforest.


Please help me thanks :slight_smile:



Looks very like so many other restaurant files already for sale. You need to find something more unique and stand out.

Typography could be better - that title font is very brave

Spacing and padding could be improved esp. around titles, body copy and contact info

Mobile issues with slider images stretching, maps,font alignment in places


Thanks I not will submit themeofrest because problem sale other themeforest, but I practice html only but thanks for your help me. but I not want copy other sales themeforest but I will make .psd and html new idea.

a question, do I can add file .psd for submit html themeforest if accepted? thanks.


It’s up to you - not if you are selling the PSD separately


Thanks, regards.


Reservation form, Text need to improve, Header look good (y)

Good luck!



The work looks great, nice animation.
I would corrected the transition to the section so that it would reach only the spy menu panel rather than under it as it is now and add a favicon)

Good Luck!


Many thanks for all for feedback my website regards. :slight_smile: