How is my new portfolio template? Can you please provide a feedback?

I have created an HTML website template called Premium Resume. I am suppose to submit it on themeforest and can you please provide your feedback? Is this template really in a standard so as to get approved and what are the improvement I can make further more? Currently I am creating more color themes as well and it is still under development.


I think that you themes is hard rejected because bad typography, too spacing slider, need spacing all sections 80px top and bottom, regards.

Can you please explain what you mean by bad typography? Also I am not sure why you say it has too spacing. I have seen many templates in themeforest with spaces like this. For section spacing also I have used same value. Appreciate if you can suggest the changes I need to integrate.
Thank you.

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Your need change other font for example “lato”, “open sans”, “roboto”, etc you can search fonts google.

For the entire website I have used only two fonts.

  1. Dancing Script
  2. Yanone Kaffeesatz

How it affect the typography?

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I think that you can use two fonts:

  1. Dancing Script (no need change because it’s good font)
  2. Yanone Kaffeesatz is bad font you need change font roboto or lato or open sans are very good fonts.

I think you have mistaken. My theme is not hard rejected. Still I have not submitted it for review. I just wanted see some feedback from experts. Anyway I will consider your point and change it accordingly. Thank you for your valuable feedback.

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Your Design is well. But it’s going to rejected
I thinks These kind of issue are available in your item.
Make a Change In Your Item Typography, Spacing & Alignment & Visual hierarchy.

You Can Visit Envato > Themeforest Market Place. get an Idea Item Quality

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Yes, it’s hard rejected.

Can you please explain what you mean by Spacing & Alignment and Visual Hierarchy changes I need to do?

Hope it will helpful for you.
Checkout this:

  1. Spacing alignment
  2. typographic hierarchy
  3. visual hierarchy


Thank you for your valuable response I will change the template accordingly.

You should improve Typography. Some sections ex: porfolio hover text does not have consitency line height

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Hi, thank you for your feedback I will work on the point you mentioned.

Hi all, I have changed the template as you guys provided me the feedback. Can you please check it again provide me whether it is in the standard to submit to themeforest?

Can you check and please provide your feedback again?

Can you please provide your feedback again?

Can you please provide your feedback again and any changes you suggest?

Your change are not enough. Those three issue are still in your item.

Can you please briefly explain the actual issues because I am still not able to realize what you mean?