Is it ready for themeforest [need help]?

Dear Authors and Reviewers,

Is our landing page ready for ThemeForest?

I’d love to hear and please advise me as it is my first html landing page.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi there:

Your design html will hard rejected I am sure 100% because too basic bad images, typography, colors, not good scroll down but scroll move to down pause :(, etc you need practice more.

First design give ideas PSD if good design you can upload themeforest if approved later you can make HTML :slight_smile:


thanks jeriteam how i can improve typography and colors give me some idea

help me plz

what’s that mean explain little bit

You don’t can it because first need make psd.

If Hard Rejected mean you don’t can resubmit again, not approved item.

If Soft Rejected mean you can resubmit again final approved item.

Scroll mouse down landing page but pause not scroll.

ok whast’s about typography and colors
suggest me a single theme as a reference to follow for my next projects

You need use other font, line.height, font-size, etc need improvements.