Our HTML template got hard rejected, please help!


Following HTML template got hard rejected: https://preview.uiuxassets.com/basik/

It’s following the latest HTML5 standards, available both in SASS and regular CSS. Optimized for performance, hitting high scores on various performance tools such as pingdom, google insights… etc.

Would be great if some of you wizards with more experience could help out why it got hard rejected.


Your design is good but bad colors and error w3c is https://validator.w3.org/nu/?doc=https%3A%2F%2Fpreview.uiuxassets.com%2Fbasik%2F good luck regards.


good theme
my web site html http://petzzkuafor.com/ how web site ?

Menu don’t work. Too small template, add more content and layouts

You need more improvement. I Think starting is well but it’s Need Envato>Themeforest quality standared.

Best Wish For You

A good start we must but design is unfinished, we have pointed out few things so your next entry could meet envato review criteria

  1. your menu isn’t clickable, menu must be clickable, we can;t do anything with the menu, except home & style guide.
    We attached the screenshot for more. (Click on the screenshot to view the full screenshot)

it’s good theme
my website html http://blog.keepupseo.ir in need a sample template

Great feedback.

Some of you said the menu isn’t working. I’ve tested it on Mac (chrome, safari, firefox, opera) and Windows 10 (chrome, edge, IE11, firefox, opera) also on the iPhone. Working everywhere for me. Do you get an error in the console?

Thanks again for the replies.

We can’t do anything with “Product, About & contact us” links in the menu
Here is the suggestion what you must do instead the # tag
For instance if you click “about” it must take you to about section on the same page & menu must disappear after you click “about” because you could see the relevant section. Hope that helps.

The items listed in the menu are just examples, not actual working links.

But I understand this is confusing.

The links must be fully functional.

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And where is the question? If you have difficulties with HTML I recommend you сontact the professionals