need feedback about template


Hello all,
I made a HTML Template and it’s in queue waiting to be approved or not, and i’d love to know your point of view about it, will it be approved or not ?
Demo :


Its not a bad start.

Slider goes blank in some between slides

Careful not to over do the animations

Team members look like some are not loading fully in Firefox (check the whole site in this browser)

Lightbox feels a bit jittery

Needs single blog post

If you are going to have share icons on posts make them share not just reload the page

Generally it feels a little out dated with some of the colours and animations so careful not to go over the top


I am very sorry to be negative, but i think the design need additional touches and also the theme color is not that attractive. Colors are the most important part to attract buyers. Additional to that some elements take time to load when u hover such as our team section. Recent posts, mixed of colors ( blue, purple, yellow) combination are very poor. What is the different between recent posts and recent news.

Don’t wait for reviewers feedback, Better to go and adjust the items and ten upload it. This is my advice to you.

Wish you best luck