Need feedback about my first template !!?

I submitted my first project(coming soon template) to Themeforest 3 days ago ,But I didn’t get any response yet…

Demos page :

Your feedback please !!


If you dint get any response then its under reviews queue you have to wait.

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Ok !! thanks bro :slight_smile:


Here is some of my suggestions.

  1. Make the social icons hover effect with some appropriate background color [Look Image 1 & 2]

  2. Make icon & contact info in the same line [Look Image 3 & 4]

  3. I feel logo & menu can be moved to separate line and centered [Look Image 5 & 6]


IMG 1 :
IMG 2 :

IMG 3 :
IMG 4 :

IMG 5 :
IMG 6 :

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With respect it’s not ready.

  • very slow to load

  • mobile issues with spacing, subscribe field, portfolio images overlaying text/stretched on desktop

  • typography needs a lot of work generally

  • logo doesn’t look great

  • it lacks anything uniquely original in a very crowded category

  • code doesn’t validate properly

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I like the concept but please do have a look at the left padding for the content and typography.

  • Padding for left side content

  • Typography isn’t unique or effective.

  • The launching section needs some more focus to improve the spacing.

It's a good start, stay focused and positive :smiley:
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@varunsridharan | @charlie4282 | @spark93
thanks guys !!
I know that there are many mistakes,But this is my first experience in themeforest.
I will try to focus on all these points.

@charlie4282 next time try to be positive in your comments !! hhhhh :stuck_out_tongue:

Great start but follow the charlie4282’s feedback. Delete it from queue, fix it and re-submit it. Good Luck!