I need feedback... Please.

Please give me as much as feedback as you can.

With respect this is miles off and you’d be better off familiarizing yourself with the standard for here and starting over on osmehting new

  • Basics like typography, margins, padding and spacing need a ton of work

  • Design lacks premium feel, needs modernizing and a lot more to it

  • There is little attention to detail

This time I’ve created the PSD template using Grid System of 1900px and please can you tell which part of PSD requires changes, as you’ve mentioned above.

Thanks for your feedback.

Everything needs changing.

  • The typography is not good throughout

  • There’s a lack of consistency and detail - e.g. You have store sections but yet its not mentioned anywhere the nav?

  • Spacing and padding is not good - just look at the top bottom of any section/the three sections in store are not evenly aligned

  • The shutter thing with arrows text is nowhere close to consistent

  • There is no logical hierarchy

  • The easel image holder thing is not good and unevenly layed out

There’s more…

the problem is even if you fix all these, then the design as it is does not have the necessary quality and features to compete to submit for a PSD (which is one of the toughest categories around and designs need to be flawless).

I am not trying to be harsh but just compare it to any of the big selling PSDs on here and you will see what I mean.

Its simple design is simple with many errors.

Particularly the category PSD is the strongest in aesthetics and quality.

You have to take into account the following points:

1: typography and their weights
2: Space
3: The hierarchy

To make a design you have to troubleshoot the public, if you are not solving the problems you’re not doing well the project

Take a tour of the category PSD and reviews the past 30 approved projects and familiarize yourself with the quality.

Good luck in your projects do not give up