My Nibandhan jAladeza PSD template

Currently I’m working on this template, what do you think what I should remove and what I should add or recorrect in this template.

Definitely there are serious errors in typography and white space.

It is necessary to respect the spaces in each of the sections, its design is way too basic. If you’re looking to sell in this market (TF) I doubt that is accepted.


its cool design///
but Tex Theme is exper aand he know all about typography so listen to his sugestion he give me some sugestion and helped me .

With respect this is never going to be accepted. The fundamentals and basics ALL need work.

  • Typography is not good

  • Spacing is inconsistent

  • Alignment is way off

  • Spacing is all over the places

  • There is a severe lack of consistency and hierarchy

  • Footer needs completely rethinking

  • Design needs a lot of refinement

  • Several gallery images look pixelated and stretched

  • needs far more features and elements

  • What gird are you designing to?

PSDs are a very tough category to break - designed need to be flawless and pixel perfect, with serious attention to detail, premium feel and give a reason/value for someone to want to code it

Do you mean I should change the whole design of my Homepage?

Thanks for your tips
AMK Motion

Please can you explain what do you mean by There is severe lack of consistency and hierarchy and should I change the font size, color, face of the typography?

Thanks for your tips

AMK Motion

The issue is that all the fundamental design features are just not good.

With the best will in the world - there is nothing that would be approved and you are wasting your time trying. Just compare it to other PSDs for sale here and you ill see the difference in refinement, detail and quality.

You need to properly understand:

  1. how to execute basic design principals e.g. typography (far more than just picking fonts and sizes), hierarchy (layouts, styling, how and why things are displayed how they are), spacing, alignment and so on.

  2. what makes a high quality and refined design e.g. features, options, images etc.

  3. Think about why someone would buy the file. Would it make professional looking site? Is there value or reason for someone to go to the efforts of coding it? Does it compete with the competition?

For what it’s worth read this - in your case you have a small number of features (none of which are well executed) without any purpose or logical flow.

Out of interest were you designing to a grid? (if not this would be the first thing to start with)

Again it’s not trying to be harsh - this is marketplace aimed at pros or capable amateurs and just trying to save time.

You have to learn from scratch, you need to say and could you keep trying without any poitivo result.

@charlie4282 finally took the words to me Keyboard

Good luck

Just to be clear - I am all for anyone being an author and not trying to offend anyone.

Working to submit files here is a great opportunity to evolve your skills is one of the best things about envato and the community. I have learnt more here than I ever did at university or working in this industry for sometime.

Envato is the biggest and the best because of the quality and quantity that it delivers, and the skills of the authors here. It’s a challenge for anyone to compete but worth it in the long run.

Thanks for your help.
I’ll look after it.