My PSD template was soft rejected but don't know what to change

Hello Friends!
My PSD template was soft rejected and given following feedback but I am not getting what changes I need to do. I have also read their articles but I thought we have done same way.
this is the link:

  1. There are inconsistent spacing/padding as well as alignment issues throughout the design. Please check your files thoroughly and weed out these basic design issues.
  2. The typographic hierarchy of this item requires additional work. For more information, please read: 3. Please label all layers appropriately -

Can you guys plz tell me what exactly I need to change.
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Thank you so much @JeriTeam

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Other members plz give your reviews so we can get more idea.

you need to improve your design and new ideas. also improve your colors, spacing, padding and margin

Your design is good but really need improvement with padding, spacing and typography hierarchy.

  1. Matching with heading font and body font
    2 Font contrast, size and weight as well as line height.
    3 Read the blog they attachted

Hope these will improve your design and got approved.

Best of luck

Hello your design is good but need to more improvemet in padding alignment margin etc.

Thank you so much @ptlthemes @Themixxx @avisitz for your valuable review.
Your review means lot to me and will improve my design.
One thing if any one can describe changes on screenshot then it will be easier for me to understand and your help really appreciated :slight_smile:
I am proud to be part of helpful community.

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best of luck :slightly_smiling_face:

you not trust me, so ungrateful

@JeriTeam Oops! Its not like that my buddy :slight_smile: I am trying to get more and more reviews so next time I won’t get rejection :slight_smile: You are the first one who has reviewed my work :smile:

Guys @JeriTeam @ptlthemes @avisitz @Themixxx again rejected with same comments seems like ThemeForest reviewers does not want to make it live :frowning_face:

where link demo?

I have uploaded demo at above link.

Thank you so much guys its approved now :grin:
Thank you @JeriTeam @avisitz @Themixxx @ptlthemes for your time and valuable reviews
You can check it here

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Congratulations TemplatesCoder.
Please give me some feedback in my template and its rejected what changes i do?


sorry but there are too many issues

  1. color combinations
  2. top bottom spacing not even in all sections
  3. it should be validated
  4. check attached images

First you need to study basics of design.You need to work hard to reach themeforest’s standard.

Hi @TemplatesCoder

I have same rejection like you mention above, how to get solve and get submition sucessfully please give me some idea so i can submit my product.

Here is my PSD jpeg demo

Hi @themesniper28 I will check it and will try to help you.