PSD web template hard rejected, looking for feedback

Hello, I recently submitted a PSD theme to themeforest that took me time and effort to which they rejected, I am wondering if you could help me to understand why I have been rejected. Would be greatly appreciated. Thank you .

Hello ABMDesign,
So I think your design is simple and too compact, it isn’t distance between section and next section. And more, color and typography can be improve, I think it look boring :frowning:
Buy don’t worry, you fixed it and will be approved, I think so.
Good luck for you. Best regards!

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Thankyou for your feedback, I am looking to make some improvements now.

your container width looks so tight and you need to work more on spacing especially your header and the top section give them more space.

try to add some tough colors to break the boredom.

work more on typography especially your vertical alignment.

add more sections maybe testimonials or blog section.

That’s it :smile: wish you good luck.