Just an opinion about my new PSD.


Hi guys.

I just uploaded this to TF PSD category https://herowp.com/new.jpg. What do you think? It will pass?

Thanks :smile:


Very good design.

You have a chance of getting approved.

I’d love to convert it to html, wordpress, Joomla etc.

Let me know if you are interested.


Looks amazing in my opinion! Good luck! Look forward to seeing it on the marketplace!


Well, I got the magic soft reject. Here is the message I got from the reviewer.

Can somebody give me some small tips and ideas?

Regards to all. :smile:


The overall design is good. But here’s what I think.

  • Watch Closely at the PSD category you are trying to upload, as this will help you to mould you theme in that way.
  • I think you have over used the same kin of images at every layout. This makes the design feel heavy, think if it was to be converted into HTML or other CMS. It won’t be a pleasant experience for the user. Too many things to take in a time.
  • Remove the social bar from the footer area, as you have already use it on top. I don’t think it would be necessary and limit the number of social icons.

Take this just as a normal, I am not an expert in this category.

Anyways good luck.