Please point out my mistakes (PSD Template hard rejected)

This is my first attempt to enter the ThemeForest market with PSD Template, and I got a hard reject. I am just learning web design and would be very grateful if you would point out my mistakes so that I can start the next project and make it much better, taking into account your comments. I want to thank you for deciding to spend your time helping me!

And here you can see an example on the video of how it all should have worked with simple animation:

This has maybe a chance to be approved as HTML / WP theme, if you can make it pixel perfect, but as a PSD it is just too simplistic.

BTW, that YouTube video doesn’t work. But if you’ve already figured out some nice animation to make it come to live then that’s another reason to try to go to straight to HTML/WP.



Your psd is good but don’t approved because it’s don’t special psd approved, as say @LSVRthemes you can make html/wordpress for approved. Maybe good animations, typography, etc will approved.

Good Luck.



Thank you very much for your answer!
The video is now available, but there is no special animation there yet, just a simple animation to understand how it works.
I will be very grateful if you take a look at the video and write your opinion about it! :heart:

Thanks, JeriTeam, now I know that I have a chance and am motivated to continue to work on this as a theme!

Looks ok. I am not 100% sure it will be approved, but at least you will have a solid base which you can improve and build upon and hopefully get it approved sooner or later. I am of course talking about HTML version. Do not bother with the PSD anymore. But really aim to make the template pixel perfect. The design quality is so so. If you drop the ball on the basic stuff like spacing and typography compared to the PSD then I do not think it will work. If you can make it even better then that’s great of course.
However, I would at least change those left / right arrows you are using for testimonials for example. They do not look good.


Would you be so kind as to tell me at least one or two mistakes with typography and spacing in my template? It will help me a lot.

"dream wedding’ and ‘perfect date’ sections (as examples) the title, subtitle and content is too evenly spaced that reduces the hierarchy. Try closing the title/subtitle line height.

Personably really not sure about the font choice for the titles - it may just be the design, but it looks like the right style for the design but hard to render or read. What is that font?


Thank you very much for pointing that out! The font is “Playfair Display” for the titles and “Montserrat” for the content.

Both nice fonts and common uses.

I’d stil ltry some alternatives jsut to see if it imprioved the readability - For example try something like Merriweather in the titles?


Every your word means a lot to me, I will work more on readability and try “Merriweather” for the title! Thank you for such helpful advice.

It’s hard to judge without the fie but it’s a similar font but slightly more web friendly (and styles available) - def worth a try