Need some feedback on rejected PSD template

Hi guys,

If you have some time I would love to hear your opinion on the following two designs uploaded on ThemeForest - PSD Templates. They were both hard rejected for quality standard reasons.

I plan on using more relevant images for each sections and also create better icons.

As for the technical requirements I tried to follow each one but I feel like they are not all in one single article so I am not sure if I am doing everything right. I do organize the file in groups, name all the layers, make sure everything is unlocked, link the buttons layers, use guideline, create a documentation file following their template. That’s about it.

I really would appreciate some feedback. And anyway … I will not give up so easy. :))

Thank you!


I m sorry but all sections are not enough… Fonts not so good, portfolio not looking so good, testimonials, also to simple as design.

Try to rebuild and wish you good luck.