PSD Template Hard Rejection

What do you guys think about why it got hard rejection? This is my first submission. So looking for open suggestions and feedback. So I could improve in the next project.

I like the colours, some of the icons, and general feel of it, but it also feels like it’s lacking stuff. Perhaps it’s too simple. You also have a lot of grammar/spelling mistakes, and the quotes are just random words put together with no meaning what-so-ever. Even though those things are expected to be changed to fit the buyers needs, it looks unprofessional and buyers may not take the item seriously if it’s full of mistakes.

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This will be very hard to get this approved as a psd - there is significant room for improvement around attention to detail as outlined by @XioxGraphix and generally it really needs to breath and space more.

Beyond that there would need to be significantly more options, features, variations, unique functionality and pixel perfect design.

There has to be enough premium value for someone to want to code it rather than just use the multitude of free/premium coded alternatives

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What kind of stuffs are lacking? Vector graphics on background?

@ThemeMage I feel like the key here is “it will be ready when you would be willing to pay for it yourself”. You must feel the value of your item before anyone else. Would you buy it as it is now? Even after searching for the free alternatives?

I would buy but it’s definitely not the only key here. It’s about what the marketplace standard demands and also the different type of customers as well. Because it’s about different audience. I will go with trendy style. Thanks for your opinion though. Appreciate it.