Considerations PSD Templates

What do you think of PSD for Themeforest? What considerations and rules I must follow to send it and it be satisfactorily approved. I want to send this first material, but I want to know how shoul I be organazing my PSD or if there exists some kind of rules to follow.

Sorry, use google translate.

I perfectly understand that the design misses something more to be PREMIUM, but regarding the use of the spacing and typography do you think is right?

I can even made more creative psd themplates, this one was for a personal client, now what recomendations can you give me to make more attrative designs for themeforest, what is more certain is that I’m going to prepare one right now for the community and I’m going to publish it here in the forum for suggestions.

I also think that there are templates too generic within the PSD categories, but they still aceppt them. Why?

The best option is to look at the big selling items already in the market. This will give you an idea of the kind of versatility, attention to detail and design quality that is needed.

Always think quality over quantity but at the same time it’s only a PSD so visible versatility and options are important. That said adding features or elements for the sake of it and which don’t really fit is only going to be detrimental.

As for the one above - it’s far from the worst seen here but I still feel it is not quite there in terms of quality for here.

That is something else to consider, ‘ok’ design is not good enough for PSDs here - while there will always be some which shouldn’t get through, generally speaking the bar is very high.

There is also a trend recently of PSDs becoming increasingly creative and imaginative in layout.

Thank you very much, just prepare my next material I will post it, I hope you can check it.