What's up with this design ?

…it did not meet our minimum requirements for quality…

So What’s up with this design ?

Those are all the pages … do you notice something I don’t ?
What possibly can I do here ?

Thank you

Is this suppose to be a PSD submission?

The design looks nice, very clean and simple.

I do know that PSD submissions are very tough. You’d probably have better luck coding and submitting it.

Looks good though. Good luck on getting it submitted!

Yes it’s for PSD category, and the problem is I’m not so good with jquery that’s why I can’t code it
I thought it was good enough for PSD category but that hard rejection message is so depressing, I mean can’t the reviewer just write one simple line on why he reject it !! (looks familiar, outdated, need more pages, need more features, not good enough…) . I mean you had time to look at it so just simply write why you can’t approve it !

I would appreciate your help guys

hello, very nice design i think! If you to make a HTML version and try to submit to HTML Templates, I can code for you and sold it together! We can share the profits 50% / 50%. What do you say, I’m new in HTML as you in Graphic design (I think you are new, I don’t know) so, we can collaborate! So, if you want to do that, just let’s me know, send an email to "razvan.kemoboy@gmail.com" and let’s make this job.

@kemoboy Check your email

Any body what’s up with this design ?

Looks very professional design. To make professional PSD designs you need to switch over Photoshop it is very useful to make creative web design.

@johnabay thanks … but why this is not good enough for TF anyone can help please

hi, i have lot of approved themes in TF. So i can update your psd may be and then i can convert it into html and wordpress. i hope you will get very good sell.
my skype id: aftabzaman1
E-mail: zamanaftab004@gmail.com
waiting to discuss with you about this by skype…

@aftabzaman I added you

hi, for me the submissions that u displayed looka bit too simple and simply need a bit improvement, in my view, u have to bring something more outstanding and unique to the table as standards are high and always higher indeed

@n2n44 Thanks, your comment is the first one that point the problem to me cus to this day I was so confused
But let me ask you this : is it good enough for HTML & WP ?

No doubt PSD Submissions are very tough to sur-pass. But look at the design from the buyers perspective. The overall design looks good. Here’s what I think

  • Work a little bit more on the typography, your design should be smooth on the eye and pleasing as the review team says.
  • It looks goo but still lacks something and that is as I feel is creativity. This looks like any other corporate template on marketplace “What makes your template special?”, “Why would the buyer want to buy it?” as some creativity to it.

The next time you try to re-submit this template think in your mind that your goal is not to sur-pass the review process he main goal is to sell this theme. You don’t want it to get accepted and stuck on 0 sales, do you?

This is what I feel, Good luck, Cheers!