My Psd Theme Design for the 4th times Hard Rejected, PLEASE HELP ME !

Hello, all…

This is my PSD Theme Design. I am Designer 4 Years Experience in Web Development Field. After I submitted my PSD Theme Design, My design was hard rejected with the reason that it isn’t quality standard by Themeforest. Sir Please give me some Tips.

thank you for helping me…!
I am so sorry with my english.

Please, give me help to create the good design concept. Give me feed back for my design below.

Hi Venkatraj, did you submit the psd without any images? If you did, you should include images, if you included images, you should find better ones. :wink: I think you should work a little more on your typography and spacing, and maybe you should get rid of the three or four green lines you have under each section heading/title and substitute it with something else.

What do other pages etc. loo like?

The fundamental principles are pretty good but it’s no massively original and will need a lot more to it o be approved.

Think - why would someone pay money for the design ha they will then have to code up, as opposed to buying one of the many and often extensively functional fully coded and working template?

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