Pre-submission feedback on HTML template

Greetings everyone.
I’ve prepared a one-page corporate HTML template.
But before I submit it, I’d appreciate to have your feedback and opinions on it, and see if it can be improved.
Here’s the link:


You will probably get a rejection message after submitting this design as idea is out-dated as well as there’re lots of design/typo issues. You can find easily similar items at the market place

Thanks for your honest opinion.
I perfectly understand what you mentioned about the overall idea being out-dated or design issues.
But would you be kind enough to give me few instances on typo issues which you encountered while checking the template?

I’ve watched many videos/tutorials on UI design. The overall design has flaws for sure, and it’s yet my second template. So basically I don’t expect much from it.
But I can’t figure out what could be wrong about the typography. I tried to be as accurate as I could, on concepts like margins, paddings, hierarchy etc.

I’ll also appreciate if you can introduce some UI design references which I can read/watch and improve myself.

Big thanks.


Unfortunately it is not ready to be accepted, you must bear in mind that the minimum quality required is getting higher and higher. my advice is to dedicate yourself to learning about design a nice place to start is tutsplus.

If the design really does not attract you even the slightest attention, I recommend that you hire a designer to avoid headaches.

But I always encourage you to keep working

Best regards

I think this one would be helpful

@ki-themes @TexTheme Thank you both a lot! :pray: