Rejected HTML template - feedback needed

I just got rejection from my latest html template because of design quality.

Here is link to demo:

It feels strange because I thought is good and unique enough. It was designed for TV category where there is at the moment only 9 items.

Can someone provide feedback? Is this really that bad in terms of design?

Thank you.

all version look simililar

The blue color hurt my eyes :smile: you should choose better color

Thank you for feedback. Versions are very similar beacuse it is one page with just different headers and color options.

leafcolor - you maybe right about blue, will change that but I afraid this won’t be enough to make it better.

Anyone else has some feedback? I will really appreciate it.

Thank you.

+1 to change blue.
Amazing concept.
Good luck with that :smile:

Hello Friend,
I think that your theme is so con-dusted and also have not beautiful color scheme. Maybe I am not right but Light color’s and section’s with spacing and heading and paragraph’s with spacing is today trend. Change color scheme and increase some spacing between section’s and block’s. Please don’t mind, If I say something wrong.
Thank You
Mohsin Sharif

Very weak typography - spacing, size, colors.

Blue - for sure must be removed :smile:

Video, Images in background - to low quality.

But typography is really weak … You can choose whatever font You like , You do not must include font in product, soo You got really big choice. Work on it.

Thank you all for feedback. I will start will color scheme.