Some feedback please. a.k.a. another one bites the dust...

Hello guys, my brother and I made our first html template and (not so surprisingly) got a hard reject. I really hoped for some more insight other than “does not meet the quality standard”.
I would really appreciate if one or two of you pros would take some minutes to give some feedback so we can try to get better. Here is the preview:

Thank you very much!

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Error list here:

  • Colors

  • spacing

  • typography

  • more more…

etc you need to practice more for approved sell in ThemeForest.


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Hello JeriTeam!

Thank you very much for taking the time to read my request and post an answer.
It seems to me that despite your obvious design skills your feedback skills still have room for improvement. I assume that the fact that you answered means, that you want to help and mean well. Let me offer some feedback in the hopes that you get better at giving feedback and others (like me) can learn from you and improve their design skills:

  1. Start with something positive (see my first sentence) - nothing is so screwed up that there is nothing positive to say. At least give credit for tying. That shows respect and makes the criticism to come easier to digest.
  2. Be specific. Avoid general statements. Try to point out things that should be improved and name examples. You don’t have to address everything. Start somewhere important and focus on that.
  3. Be constructive. Don’t just point out what’s bad, try to show how it should be done.
  4. Take some time. If you don’t have the time or don’t want to waste it: consider not giving feedback at all. Keep in mind that the one receiving the feedback wants to improve. Especially if the feedback was requested it is safe to assume, that the one requesting feedback already knows that improvement is needed so it’s not helping to just say „You need improvement“ - that’s not feedback, that is judgement and that is rarely ask for (and rarely appropriate either).
  5. Try not to be (or appear to be) condescending, assume that everybody tries their best and wants to improve, keep in mind that there was a time where you yourself were thankful for honest and helpful feedback.

I hope you are not offended by my post and think about why I took the time to write this instead of just posting:


Feedback error list here:

  • unspecific
  • not constructive
  • condescending
  • More more….

Ect you need to practice more before giving feedback on forums.


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Firstly at least well done making the effort to submit your item. Sadly there are many issues with the item - without going into too much depth loading times as evidenced by the preloader spinning around and around for ages. The text and overall theme is not ready for the market (as you have said already) and I don’t want to be criticised for responding like you already responded to @JeriTeam

If you are serious about creating a theme, then look at the quality of most of the themes already on Envato, and you may find the best way to improve on your initial idea. Almost definetly the text on the pages is way too small (and that is viewing it on a 21" inch monitor).

I feel you are also drawing in too many font styles - this will cause slow speeds too.


Thanks for your advice, I‘ll look into it.
And yes, I may be new but I am serious about learning to create themes.
I realise now that it was a mistake to submit my work without consulting the forums in the first place but to be honest I completely missed that there are forums at envato at all. My bad.
I won’t make that mistake again…
Thanks again for your help!