item feedback for simple personal template !

this is my simple personal template.will it be approved ?
plz give me feedback.




Demo Unavailable,
Don’t Use Free Hosting Services

there is a problem in the hosting server.if it gets ok,i will mention you again.thank u for ur support

@Muse-Master the demo is available now

Hey, any simple template if passed the quality standards will get accepted.

You made a simple and good template. However, there are a few drawbacks -

  1. Hero content is improperly aligned.
  2. Typography (there’s more spacing)
  3. Don’t use default form styling.

Once I used the portfolio filter, nothing happens when I hover the images, probably some error.

That’s all. Good luck.

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Hero section text will look good if that’s in middle of hero bg.

Use Bootstrap 1170px Grid.

Add More Content Like Education And Work Experience.

Improve The Site Typography, Spacing

i didnt get the hero content ?
which one is hero content ?
and in which section there is spacing in typography ?

i didnt get the hero content ?
which one is hero content ?

Overall Site Needs More Better Typography and Spacing

the hero text and btn should be in middle of hero bg

thank you !

Code doesn’t validate = guaranteed rejection

i solved all the validate error but there are two which is caused by the hosting server.
what can i do now ?

i solved it.
want your comment plz

I’d change host - do they force you to have that script in?

In my opinion, while there’s not a lot wrong with it, there is not enough elements or premium features to it to be approved (I could be wrong given there’s nothing glaringly bad) especially in such a crowded category.

in the validator they say that i have error in my 424 line
but my code ended at 422 line.
so it is provided by the server
now which free server should i use ?

I don’t know about free hosting - it’s always a bad idea and rarely makes a difference who it is from i.e. download, slow loading etc.

If it’s forced then the reviewer may over look it but I would still argue the file is not premium enough for this marketplace - again just my opinion though

thank you for your opinion.