give me review for my template-Ariana interior design

plz give me review for my new template
it is about interior design


There are lots of issues with the design and spacing - i recommend you to leave this one and start new one.

And More Issues With The Spacing And Typography…


How will you pay my $50 for reviewing the first template?

Cool. You can ask authors here for help, but please don’t mention them particularly. People might be busy making stuff that really matters to them. So, ask for help but do not poke them.

BTW, your hero section is again not looking good and also the about section and portfolio. Spacing and proper alignment are one of the important issues, they give life to your template.

Ps: My template was soft rejected an hour ago for poor spacing and no I am not mad at you :slight_smile: I’m just busy.

Here is my review for your template:

  1. Active state color of menu items does not make good contract with the background.

  2. Broken Images:

  3. Too much dark background all over the theme;

  4. Try to make the theme more animated in terms of colors/images/graphic content; It seems to a bit boring (sorry for this).

Keep it up!

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